What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a safe, effective and drug-free option for the treatment of most non-emergency conditions, including

  • psycho-emotional and behavioral conditions like stress, anxiety and insomnia;

  • gastrointestinal conditions like IBS, Celiac Disease and acid reflux;

  • musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis and chronic pain, as well pain management for sports injuries; and

  • gynecological conditions including infertility, fibroids and menopause.

Acupuncture reestablishes the circulation of blood, the flow of lymph, has an effect on hormone levels, and the Nervous System. Ultimately, when inserted in the body the needles will unblock accumulations and allow the body to rebalance its energy.

Is acupuncture Safe?

Acupuncture is extremely safe when administered by a qualified and licensed professional. Thin sterile needles are inserted and disposed of after each use so there is minimal to no risk of infection. There have been very few complications reported to the FDA of people who are treated with acupuncture each year.

What can I expect?

The first treatment will last 60-90 minutes.  It is advised you arrive early to your first appointment so you can fill out the necessary paperwork before beginning your session, and to ask any questions you may have.  It is recommended you wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing for treatment. The session begins with a comprehensive intake of your health history and your chief complaint. This is followed by a physical exam. After a diagnosis and treatment plan is determined, acupuncture is administered. 

The number of disposable needles inserted will vary depending upon the patient’s condition. Needles are usually inserted in the extremities of the body as these often have a very strong therapeutic effect. The patient rests with inserted needles for 20-30 minutes in order to allow the treatment to take effect.

Can Chinese medicine be used in conjunction with western medicine? 

Chinese medicine is a comprehensive medical system that can address many health concerns on its own. It can also work together with western medicine and other modalities of healthcare. Jaime is happy to speak with a patient's western physician to create an integrative treatment plan to address all of medical conditions and treatment concerns. 

Does acupuncture hurt?

Acupuncture needles cause minimal to no pain.  It is very normal for individuals to feel apprehensive about needles.  However, acupuncture needles are hair-thin and very different then hypodermic needles used at a medical doctors office to draw blood or get a shot. The sensations and perceptions may vary. Patients report a pleasant sensation of warmth, heaviness, dullness, tingling or numbness. The patients who report discomfort describe it to be a minor prick feeling that disappears quickly. Many patients indicate they feel a deep sense of relaxation and increased energy after a treatment. While the responses to treatment may vary,  it is not uncommon for the therapeutic effects to appear hours or days after a treatment.